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Poetry Prose and Other Words

by Ken Ingham

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Haiku & other short stuff

5 syllables +
7 more syllables +
5 = Haiku

What a stitch, the way
snow geese embroider the sky
needles pointed south

It takes a sharp knife
to cut styrofoam and not
leave a lot of crumbs

Prime numbers; the charms
on a bracelet made of wholes

Entropy: snakes know
infinite ways to not be
fully extended

If you stretch the truth
will it snap back when you let go?

The livliest shadows
fall after sundown when kids
play under streetlights

Nature no longer
refuge rather refugee
dwindling in parks and zoos

How does one gage the age of a dead tree
I mean how long has this tree been dead?
We count the rings to measure its life
But how to measure its death?

There he was, a man of vision,
standing around having visions.