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by Ken Ingham

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About the Author

Ken Ingham was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Valentines day, 1942. A second-generation urbanite, he grew up in the suburbs of Detroit while spending boyhood summers with Aunt Helen and Uncle Gordon on a farm near Shelbyville. He majored in chemistry and mathematics at Eastern Michigan Univ and earned a PhD in physical chemistry at the Univ of Colorado. He spent 29 years researching blood proteins for the American Red Cross, while raising, with his wife Glenda, two daughters, Alison Blakely and Kristen Mullaney. He resides in the town of Garrett Park, MD 20896-0258.

Autobiography -the book:
Feet in the City, Heart on the Farm

A memoir of my growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, spending summers on my uncle's farm near Shelautobio coverbyville Michigan, stumbling through adolescence, going to college, marrying my highschool sweetheart, attending graduate school, working at NIH, a career as a blood researcher for the American Red Cross, family, parenthood, grandparent hood, the whole chebang . . . . available at Amazon.com


Photo-supplement to Autobio
(under development)


Curriculum Vitae


Extracurriculum Vitae
(under development)
a detailed all-inclusive resume' of childhood employment history and post-retirement activities, embellished with reflections.