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Poetry Prose and Other Words

by Ken Ingham

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I. Evolution of Tumorous Times

II. Disciples of Gaia

III. Dawning of the Eighth Day

IV. Emergence

V. & Other Poems

What Good is Poetry

Plea of the Pond

Connecting with Creation

Dead Wood   ( Listen! )

A Capella Gold

Whose Duck

Mother’s Day in Rock Creek Park

Cocktail Conversation
(posted on gaianism.org)

Old Growth

Freedom (listen!)

I Am Endangered

God Was

Light Answers to Heavy Questions

VI. Still Other Poems

Just Plain Bananas

Never to Late to Intervene

Clinton’s First Predicament

Median Income

Remembering Kendall

A Room of His Own

Dawn on Me

Fetching Cows

Changing Face

One Yet Many


The Duel
(after a painting
by Laslett Pott)

Give Them Liability or Give Them Death
(in support of the
Wall Street Occupiers)

Ecovocative lyrics to arouse and inspire
those who care about nature

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