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Poetry Prose and Other Words

by Ken Ingham

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- Gaia


Ecoepic Part IV.


Believe me friends
The truth is not that far beyond our reach
I’ve glimpsed it several times my self
Once while at the beach
Gazing at that perfect line
Where ocean meets sky
Time stood still . . . my heart slowed down
Something waited for me when I die . . .


. . . . utopia as nothing more
Than a collective state of mind
Where all perceive the days in store
As better than the ones behind

. . . . the centerpieces of our species
Are the neighborhood schools, solid gleaming
Ever improving symbols of our gratitude
For being alive, engaged, not dreaming
For having been raised in community
And taught the truth from K thru 12
In colorful windowful classless rooms
Where older children help the young
And thereby learn about themselves

Show children how to grow things green
To know from whence their sustenance derives
How to make music, dance and sing
Whistle yodel harmonize
How to identify flora and fauna
Birds by their voices, songs and calls
The flute of a thrush at dawn
And again when evening falls


Let them discover religion on their own
In a green cathedral near their home
Beneath a vault of massive trees
Feet in touch with moss and leaves
Pondering Gaia’s mysteries


Forests mountains deserts prairies
Their depths accessible only by foot
Entry requires a valid permit
And a promise to leave things put

Rules, rules -
Will there always be rules?
Yes, a few - but don’t despair
Just keep them simple
Consistent and fair
Revise and update every December
Try to improve them over time
Make them easy to remember
By insisting that they rhyme
For example:

The fruition of the human species
Must not exceed that which allows
The on site mulching of its feces
And the same for chickens pigs and cows


Thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house
Love thy neighbor as thy self
But do not make love to thy neighbors spouse
Thou shalt not lie
Nor worship false idols
To blaspheme is most lowly
Honor thy parents as long as they live
Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy


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